American Transit Team: Keeping all of us Safe

Covid-19 Protocol and Safety Measurements 

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American Transit Team is closely monitoring new developments regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus). The health and safety of our clients and employees is of the utmost importance. 

We are committed to doing everything we can to make your ride with American Transit Team safe and enjoyable. Therefore, we've decided to raise our usual standards of cleanliness and health safety even higher. We didn't become the leader in rider experiences by maintaining the status quo; you can count on us to be a transportation leader in meeting the challenge of the coronavirus.

What We Are Doing Differently: 

We have implemented several new policies and procedures, which follow recommendations from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  We are in constant communication with our employees to reinforce our sanitization safety procedures in both our drivers and our office staff. We are sanitizing high-traffic public areas at an increased frequency. 

1.Hand sanitizers are located throughout our offices and our vans. Sanitizers are refilled and checked regularly. 

2.Public touch points, such as handrails, elevator buttons, door handles and knobs are cleaned multiple times throughout the day. 

3.Our vans are cleaned throughout the day with disinfectant wipes and surfaces are cleaned and wiped down daily. 

American Transit Team vehicles go through and extra daily disinfection process using EPA-approved and CDC-recommended products. That’s in addition to the standard cleaning that vehicles receive on a regular basis.

4.American Transit Team provides disinfectant solutions and cleaning cloths to our drivers to ensure that they can clean their workspace throughout the day. We are also providing equipment like masks, latex/vinyl gloves, hand sanitizer, and sanitizing wipes to employees.

5.Mask or face coverings are required on all passengers above seven years of age. We ask our passengers if they have symptoms of coughing, fever, chills and/or sore throat. We also ask if they have been in close contact or living with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19

6.Our employee’s temperatures are taken at the beginning of each shift to ensure they are well.

 Our employees are prohibited from reporting to work if they have a respiratory illness that can be transmitted to others. We have instituted and new sick leave policy with offers a 5-day paid sick leave to ensure employees who are ill remain at home. If any employee were to be diagnosed as having coronavirus, they would be placed on a Medical Leave of Absence and would be paid for the duration of physician-mandated time off. 

We have raised the bar to ensure our riders and employees will remain safe during these times.  

American Transit Team does not expect any interruptions in services and the quality of care will remain at its best.

We are your premier transit provider and will be with you and your clients during these difficult times. 

Dawn D. Minley

President, CEO

American Transit Team